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Treatment options for bowel cancer.

The most common bowel cancer treatment is surgery.

The surgeon removes the tumor and surrounding lymph nodes guts. This is necessary to prevent the spread of tumors.

diagram of intestinal anatomy
Typically, the surgeon removes the part of colon and connects formed ends with each other. When this is impossible, intestine is being exteriorized on the front abdominal wall. In most cases, this is only the first stage of operation; in the second phase the ends of intestine are connected with each other, restoring the continuity of intestinal tubes and normal way of allocating stool. However, approximately 10% of patients are living with withdrawn intestine.

Sometimes, after the surgery, radiotherapy (radiation) or chemotherapy (anti-cancer drugs) is appointed to destroy the remaining cancer cells.

Treatment success depends largely on the characteristics of an organism, bowel cancer symptoms and the timing of diagnosis of cancer. If the cancer does not extend beyond the intestine, the chances of survival are 99%. They are reduced to 85% if invasion to the wall occurred, up to 66% - with the involvement of local lymph nodes and up to 35% - in the distribution to distant lymph nodes.

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