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Bowel Cancer Symptoms

The main symptoms of bowel cancer include:

Bowel Cancer Symptoms
    * Allocation of blood from the rectum: blood on toilet paper in feces (and sometimes the presence of blood, not visible for eye)
    * Diarrhea
    * Constipation
    * Stool disorder for more than several weeks
    * Anemia
    * Abdominal pain

Many of these bowel cancer symptoms are present with other diseases - from hemorrhoids to irritated bowel syndrome.

Each localization of the tumor has its own peculiarities in the appearance of first of bowel cancer symptoms. For cancer of the bowel it may be pain (periodically or continuously), or simply a sense of discomfort in the abdomen, stool disorders (diarrhea or constipation, or alternating), flatulence, changes in stool - impurity mucus, pus, blood (fresh or decomposed, black). If the tumor is located low in the rectum, then pain may occur directly at the time of defecation. In addition, there are may be a weakness, loss of flesh, increased fatigue, lack of or decreased appetite, fever, etc.

None of the symptoms by itself and even all together do not point definitely on the presence of bowel cancer, as well as oncological diseases can give similar symptoms, for example, nonspecific ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, etc. That is, on the basis of only the symptoms can not be established immediately an accurate diagnosis, but it can assume range of diseases that can cause them, and to identify additional examinations.

The leading practices survey will be irrigoscopy (X-ray examination of the bowel, when make x-rays of abdomen after enema with X-ray-contrast matter - traditionally barium sulfate) and colonoscopy (bowel investigation using a flexible endoscope, introduced through the anus). There is a method of intestine ultrasound examination (ultrasound), after it filled with fluid. In tumors of the rectum also is used the rectal ultrasound probe. The other methods of research in the localization of the tumor is only in clarifying the nature of Oncology (prevalence of bladder cancer, the presence or absence of metastases in other organs).

But it is vital to diagnose as early as possible, therefore, do not ignore your ailments. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor!

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